We are a young, dynamic and fast growing company that provides hosting services

Our professionals in the field of system administration are always ready to help our clients to resolve any issues related to their projects. Our team is composed of highly trained people people with a great experience gained through many years of practice in the various sectors of the Internet business. Currently, our team supports more than 1,000 servers worldwide.

We provide comprehensive solutions, starting with the installation of the operating system on server, configure the server for the needs of the client and his projects, assistance in the development and implementation sophisticated industrial solutions with high load and fault tolerance. The total bandwidth load of some projects supported by our specialists exceeds 20Gbs per month.

We strive to make our clients feel comfortable working with us since the date of purchase services from сompany Polusweb, the customer receives a system approach to server maintenance and project. Our support operates on a 24x7x365. We always have available ready solutions, but if we don't have something You nned, then we will develop it as soon as possible and provide.

All issues we solve by conducting constructive negotiations in a convenient form for a client.